With staff shortages everywhere, and businesses having to scale back hours because of them, it would seem more than ever that 90 percent of getting a job would be just showing up, including to your interview. But KCRG says that in itself is becoming a problem.

Are people "working the system"?

According to a report, some job-seekers may just be completing a minimum number of applications and interviews required to get unemployment benefits, and even taking the job, then ditching it. Another common issue is one that has been going on since the dawn of time. People just decide they're not interested anymore or never were.

To retain Iowa unemployment benefits, job-seekers need to "look for" at least two jobs a week

That means more than logging onto a job site and literally just "looking". Or, at least, it probably should. Former Cedar Rapids mayor Ron Corbett who is now with the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance said "as they are out job seeking, sometimes they are looking for a job, but they don't always like the job that they are applying for. Sometimes they check the box for their two applications they do per week."

Look, I'm not the guy who is going to tell you to "take a job, any job". We know a lot of people have their reasons for declining a job (mostly pay and benefits or lack thereof) and we've all just had "cold feet" a time or two. I might be exaggerating a little to say they would take "just about anyone" right now, but employers definitely want to fill their positions. Showing up for the interview goes a long way.

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