You filled 300,000+ sandbags, fed volunteers, built temporary levees, created 10 miles of Hesco flood barriers, AND you were there for each other. You saved a city.

After the devastation left behind by the flood of 2008, we were scared when we heard the news late last week. A 25-foot crest of the Cedar River? There were even rumors it might go higher. We were worried, but we didn't panic. No, the people of Cedar Rapids went to work. Oh, did they go to work.

Looking back on what's transpired this past week, I don't think there's a single shred of doubt this community is stronger than it was when the ordeal began. The number of people we should all thank is massive in number. It's impossible to say thank you to everyone. So, I'll just say this. If you lifted a finger in any way to make a difference, and I bet the chances are pretty good you did, THANK YOU. The last 26 years, I've always been proud to say I was from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. However, I'm even more proud today and I bet you feel the same way. Congratulations on helping save the city we're all lucky, and proud, to call home.

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