There's no denying that at least half the state, and a whole bunch of former Iowans, as well as Hawkeye alums and their families, are super stoked for the Hawkeyes in the Rose Bowl.  If you're not in California, or heading there, there's no doubt you'll be glued to a TV somewhere to catch the game Friday.  We've all posted our mini tributes and well wishes all over social media.  However, one set of fans has done a bit more.

Local rockers, Four Star Fate, has morphed one of their songs, "Born to Rise", into "Born To Hawk" paying tribute to the Hawkeye's Road to Pasadena. The quick video above provides plenty more adrenaline to get us revved up for the game Friday.

Four Star Fate features the well known talents of Alisabeth Von Presley, who some have been impressed by for years, and other were turned on to by stand-out performances at both Uptown Friday Nights, and the Farmer's Market After Dark this summer.  She officially joined the band earlier this year, and the quartet is clearly one to watch. The band also features Tim King, owner of Crown Studios in Cedar Rapids.  You may have seen him drumming with Dickie during the NewBo Music Fest this past summer.

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