After a longtime record of success as a second-run theatre, Collins Road Theatres is making a big change next month. They'll switch to a first-run theatre, meaning they'll be showing movies as soon as they're released. Collins Road Theatres owner Bruce Taylor started sharing the exciting news with patrons over the weekend.

Beginning in November, you'll no longer have to wait to see new movies at the five-screen theatre in Collins Road Square. Taylor announced there will be an adjustment in ticket prices. However, the adjustment is slight. Evening showings for movies at locally-owned Collins Road Theatres will be seven dollars for adults and five for kids. They're currently six dollars for all moviegoers.

Taylor also announced another big benefit of the change is he'll know ahead of time what movies they'll have at the theatre. For instance, he already knows a pair of movies Collins Road Theatres will have on November 2. They're 'A Star is Born' (released this past Friday, October 19) and 'Bohemian Rhapsody,' which debuts in theatres that very day. He expects to know the other films they'll be showing that weekend soon.

While you will notice a big change on how soon you'll see new movies at Collins Road Theatres, one thing won't change. It will still be the only theatre in the Cedar Rapids metro that has real butter for the popcorn. My favorite part is, you put it on the popcorn yourself...

Group of people in theater with popcorn and drinks

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