Little Big Town are counting their blessings on their introspective new song, “Rich Man.”

Featuring Jimi Westbrook on lead vocals, the stripped-back, near-spoken-word ballad finds him reflecting on what being a “rich man” truly means. Westbrook, the song’s sole writer, relates it to simpler things including happiness, love, having a family and feeling blessed, rather than financial wealth or extravagance of any kind.

“Yeah, I'm a rich man / Without a lick of money / A better-than-blessed man / Had all I ever wanted I got everything I need / Got love and a family,” Westbrook notes in the sentimental opening verse.

“Yeah, in my soul, one thing I know / I ain't lookin' for a pot of gold / That ain't what this life means to me / I keep my head up high, feet on the ground / Love the ones I'm living 'round / Life is just that simple to me / Yeah, I'm a rich man,” he confesses in the chorus, with fellow LBT members Karen Fairchild, Kimberly Schlapman and Phillip Sweet offering gorgeous harmonies. It’s both a tender ode and a beautiful reminder to hit pause, slow down and take stock of the things that truly matter.

“Rich Man” is the third song fans have heard from Little Big Town’s highly anticipated 10th studio album, Mr. Sun. The newly announced 16-song LP will include the dreamy “All Summer” as well as its ebullient lead single, “Hell Yeah,” both of which are out now.

Of the album's anchoring themes, LBT’s Fairchild shares, “Mr. Sun is intentionally an emotional record that holds hands well with our last album Nightfall. Mr. Sun is focused on better days ahead, the value of friendships and family; it touches on heartbreak and letting go, but it’s full of sunshine and joy.”

"This album has a special feeling to it. We have collectively been through an unprecedented period making this album,” adds Sweet. “Life is short; we are here to live it with the ones around us, loving them and ourselves the best we can. All the while, thankful for another turn around the sun.”

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