Sometimes when things don't work out exactly as you planned, you reach goals you always hoped you would. Such is the case with former Linn-Mar girls basketball player Carly Printy. She attempted a trick shot Saturday while shooting hoops in the driveway. That's when she unknowingly created video magic that's still making us laugh today.

Printy tried an over-the-head underhanded shot. She releases it and does a little dancing. Her shot is nearly perfect, except a little bit too long. I won't spoil exactly what happened next.

Yes, you can't help but laugh, and neither can Carly. It wasn't long before ESPN, Barstool Sports, and more were tweeting the video.

Printy retweeted the video saying, "Always dreamed of being on SportsCenter as a kid, didn't quite think it'd go down like this though," with laughing/crying emojis.

Carly will be continuing her career at the collegiate level this fall. More on that in a second, but first some of the great Twitter responses to the video. Below the SportsCenter video here is one where the audio was changed. My favorite part is "Look Out!"

"If 2020 were a GIF." Yes, this would be perfect.

And of course, you have the copy cats. This guy... well, this is just embarrassing. Especially considering the hoop is maybe eight feet high.

This is my favorite. Well done, little fella. Just check out the excitement...

Ok, back to Carly Printy. She'll play college basketball for the Truman State Bulldogs, where her parents were both athletes. According to a recruiting update from the Truman State website, her mom Kathy was part of the Truman State swimming team and her dad Boyd played basketball for the school. He was named all-conference twice and still holds the record for highest 3-point field goal percentage at 45 percent.

Bulldogs coach Theo Dean called Printy a "very versatile guard who can attack the rim and shoot the three, and I look forward to expanding her game even further."

Thanks to a failed trick shot in her driveway, Carly will likely be the most famous player on her new team.

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