If you were looking to get out this weekend and head to your local park or maybe even do some camping, think again. As you may have imagined after Monday's derecho blew through the region, parks were among the areas that had vast amounts of debris and damage.

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Linn County Conservation sent out press release announcing that certain areas are closed to the public until further notice. Those areas include the following:

  • Morgan Creek Park and Campground (campground closed at least through August 18)
  • Squaw Creek Park and Campground  (campground closed at least through August 18)
  • Wickiup Hill Learning Center
  • Cedar Valley Nature Trail, Grant Wood Trail, Hoover Trail.
  • Pinicon Ridge Park near Central City remains OPEN.

The clean-up efforts are underway and will continue throughout the week. Once all of the debris is removed, power is restored, and the are is considered safe they will reopen.

According to the release, anyone that "reserved a lodge, shelter, group camp, or a Squaw Creek Park A-Loop campsite during this closure are being contacted for suitable options." The public is asked to please be patient during this time as resources, including phone and internet service is extremely limited. Linn County Conservation also encourages the public to keep safety in mind when visiting any natural area, trail, or park as the damage is widespread.

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