You have probably seen a Purple Heart ceremony before. A president bestowing the honor unto an American soldier injured or killed in action that showed extreme bravery. It is the ultimate honor. Well here in Iowa, we also have such an honor for our men and women who serve in law enforcement. In 2013 the Iowa State Police Association voted to adopt the Law Enforcement Purple Heart Medal. It too would be given out to officers who were severely wounded or killed in the line of duty as a result of a combat incident. A Linn County Sheriff deputy was given that very award yesterday.

Linn County Deputy William Halverson was honored with the Purple Heart award just over four months after being shot during an armed robbery in Coggon. Deputy Halverson was shot twice by Stanley Donahue on June 20th while responding to an armed robbery at the Casey's in Coggon, according to KWWL. Donahue fled the scene and led authorities on a 14-hour manhunt before finally being arrested. Linn County Sheriff Brian Gardner presented Deputy Halverson with the award yesterday.

Linn County Sheriffs Office
Linn County Sheriffs Office

Deputy Halverson, who has worked for the county for seven years, has returned to work part-time, on light duty. Halverson also received another honor earlier this summer. In July, KWWL reports that he was presented with a $10,000 grant from the organization 'Running 4 Heroes'. The group selects an injured first responder to give the award to. Halverson told KWWL that his recovery has been a struggle, but you "just keep your head up, keep smiling and keep being happy". 

Thank you Deputy Halverson for your bravery and service.



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