The Linn County Board of Supervisors announced today who will receive money from the second round of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). According to a media release from the board, it's "meant to speed up the United States' recovery from the economic and health effects caused by the COVID-19 pandemic."

A total of 125 applicants had filed for the almost $13 million that was available in the second round of the ARPA. announced today. Just over 86 percent of the funds, or $11,228,574 went to Category A, which includes affordable housing, social services, public health, capital investments, and negative economics from COVID-19. The remaining money ($1,751,000) went to Category D, for water and sewer infrastructure projects. The total amount of money awarded today was $12,979,574.

Below are the organizations that received funding, and in what amount.

Category A:

  • Academy for Scholastic and Personal Success We're Not Playing: $650,000
  • African American Museum Voices Inspiring Progress: $333,000
  • Cedar Rapids Public Library Westside Library and Opportunity Center: $4,000,000
  • City of Alburnett Repurpose Former Fire Station into City Hall: $141,450
  • Horizons: A Family Service Alliance New Iowan Collaborative-Transportation: $64,000
  • Indian Creek Nature Center Education Expansion: $250,000
  • LBA Foundation Refugee & Immigrant Center Youth Navigator: $111,435
  • Linn County Advocate Fostering Thriving Communities: $389,120
  • Linn County Board of Supervisors Linn County Grant Program for Kirkwood Community College Scholarships: $1,000,000
  • Linn County Community Action Fund Youth Leadership: $66,700
  • Linn County Sheriff's Office COVID-19 Mitigation Cell Blocks: $1,700,000
  • Linn County Sustainability Director of Resiliency Operations: $363,389
  • Linn County Public Health Mobile Clinic: $625,000
  • Linn County Treasurer Protective Glass: $227,500
  • Lisbon/Mt. Vernon Ambulance Service Building Addition and Renovation: $112,500
  • Refugee and Immigrant Center Together We Can Initiative: $10,000
  • Mercy Medical Center Hospital Enhanced Infection Control: $750,000
  • Mirrorbox Theatre A Home for New Plays: $50,000
  • Salvation Army Disaster Services Hub & Food Distribution: $65,880
  • Tanager Place Clinic Safety, Security, & Accessibility: $213,000
  • Trees Forever Tree Canopy Restoration: $100,000
  • Wellington Heights Neighborhood Association Finding New and Neat Ways to Connect: $5,600

Category D:

  • City of Ely Drinking Water Treatment Facility: $1,000,000
  • City of Hiawatha Water Main Upgrades: $310,000
  • City of Marion Sanitary Sewer Project 6: $150,000
  • City of Springville Sanitary Sewer Extension: $250,000
  • Linn County Planning & Development Well and Irrigation Infrastructure: $41,000

On April 13, 2022, the Linn County Board of Supervisors awarded the first round of funding. Below is how Round One was broken down.

Category A:

  • Aging Services, Inc. Kingston Hill Residential Care Facility (RCF) - Flooring Replacement: $145,000
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Cedar Rapids Unlocking the Future: $750,500
  • Cedar Rapids NAACP and LULAC Immigrant and Refugee Community Gardens: $17,460
  • Discovery Living, Inc. Healthy, Safe Homes for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities: $50,000
  • Eastern Iowa Health Center Increasing Access and Opportunity to COVID-19 Education, Vaccinations, and General Medicine for Underserved Populations: $500,000
  • Ecumenical Community Center Foundation Just Getting There ARPA Boost / Helping Hands Ministry: $60,000
  • Feed Iowa First Improving Food Access Infrastructure: $100,000
  • Foundation 2 Crisis Services Headquarter Facility: $900,000
  • Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation Comprehensive Gun Violence Reduction: $605,315
  • Gutschmidt Properties Inc. Missing Middle Affordable Housing Jumpstart: $250,000
  • Hawkeye Area Community Action Program, Inc. Linn County Affordable Housing Expansion: $150,000.00
  • Horizons, A Family Service Alliance Meals on Wheels: $240,000
  • Horizons, A Family Service Alliance Neighborhood Transportation Services: $50,000
  • Indian Creek Nature Center Enhanced Accessibility at Etzel Sugar Grove Farm: Water and Sewer Infrastructure and Farmer Education Workshop: $250,000
  • Kids First Law Center Advocacy for Children of High-Conflict Divorce: $20,000
  • Kids First Law Center Restorative Justice Prevents Youth Violence: $100,000
  • LBA Foundation CR-Dreams Expansion: $35,450
  • Linn County Community Services/Planning & Development Linn County Housing Equity Needs Study and Assessment: $70,000
  • Linn County Community Services (Options of Linn County) Options Programming Through Innovative Offers for New Safeguards (OPTIONS): $53,645
  • Linn County Food Systems Council Food Access, Resilience, & Equity (FARE) Grant Program: $250,000
  • Linn County Public Health My Care Community - Coordinated Community Response: $200,000
  • Matthew 25 Healthy Homes, Food, and Neighborhoods: $250,000
  • NewBo City Market Expanding the Hatchery for Entrepreneurship Equity: $100,000
  • The Arc of East Central Iowa Better Access, Inclusion, and Recreation for our Community: $250,000
  • Together We Achieve 12k in 2022 Food Box Giveaway: $23,980
  • Together We Achieve Hot Meals for All: $3,650
  • Willis Dady Homeless Services On-Site Mental Health Care for Individuals Experiencing Homelessness at Willis Dady Homeless Services: $75,000

Category D:

  • City of Bertram Water Extension to City Park/Blains Crossing: $220,000
  • City of Center Point Lewis Access Main Water: $200,000
  • City of Central City Marion Road South Street Improvements: $137,289
  • City of Coggon Water Main Infrastructure Project: $478,800
  • City of Fairfax Water Supply System: $425,000
  • City of Hiawatha Robins Road Water and Storm Water Infrastructure Upgrades: $266,500
  • City of Lisbon Well 5 Improvements: $1,000,000
  • City of Mount Vernon 2022 Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation: $1,000,000
  • City of Palo Study for Water Source: $35,000
  • City of Prairieburg Televise Sewer Lines: $28,000
  • City of Walford Wastewater UV Project: $300,000
  • City of Walker Replacement of water main on Greene Street: $1,000,000

Linn County received a total of about $44 million in American Rescue Plan Act funds.

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