For those of you wondering, I'll turn 47 later this year. When I turned 40, I got into better shape and had intentions of keeping the routine up for the next decade or more. But life takes over. Jobs, kids, stress and more make it hard to stick to any fitness routine or healthy eating habits. But fortunately for this father of three, the 'Dad Bod' is still in!

According to a new poll from, flabby, dad bods are still the most attractive body type. Three out of four members said that they're fans of the dad bod look. So, what is the definition of a dad bod? Most define it as a cross between somewhat muscular and somewhat overweight. Back in the day, yes I just used that phrase, I did lift weights and work out occasionally. But as I stated earlier, life eventually gets in the way for most of us.

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Now, I've seen these surveys before and heard of women professing their love for the dad bod. Some say that a guy who has a dad bod is representative of a guy who focusses on his kids and family instead of going to the gym. Many women say they find that trait attractive. But if you line me up against someone who works out five times a week and then ask us to take our shirts off, I'm guessing that the survey results might change. Hey I have abs too! Mine are just buried!

The other thing that bothers me about the dad bod, is that this feeling of being OK with someone a bit flabby hasn't translated to the 'Mom Bod'. This survey doesn't really weigh in on that topic. Why is OK for men to get fat and be attractive, but women can't put on a few pounds too?

In the end, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Here's to widening your view!


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