Kip Moore has been keeping the tracks on his upcoming record on the down-low, but now he's sharing a brand new song called "The Bull." With it comes a video that truly tells a story, featuring Moore on a journey through the ups and downs of pursuing a career in music.

It opens with Moore performing to a disinterested crowd, giving up midway through and essentially storming off in frustration — grabbing a texter's phone on the way out — then finding his way back to his dumpy apartment to practice his future Grammy speech into a makeshift microphone (actually a bottle of whiskey). As the song unfolds, it reveals its heart: a genuine appreciation for the struggles ("the bulls that bucked me off") that got the singer where he is today.

The fast-moving tune continues as a mysterious figure leads Moore to en eclectic rager, where Moore takes it all in skeptically before finally joining in the party.

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"It was the most fun I've had shooting a video so far in my career," Moore tells Billboard. "We wanted to capture the feeling of losing your way along the journey and then with a little help, finding your way back to the purity of the reason you ever began the journey. It's easy to get distracted and lose faith at times...this song and video is about regaining that belief in yourself."

The video takes a refreshing approach to its portrayal of the song, straying from the stereotypical bars, tailgates and fields of country music videos, creating unique and fun visual experience. "The Bull" is the first song Moore has recorded he didn’t write himself, but that’s just a testament to how much he loves it.

"I was pretty quickly sucked in to the feel of this song and the message behind it," he says. "I feel I've taken several of life's punches over the years, and it's what you do when that happens that will shape the person you become. This song was me and that's why it's the first outside song I've ever recorded."

The song will appear on his upcoming album Slowheart, due out Sept. 8, which also includes his most recent single “More Girls Like You.” Moore just announced a new tour as well, titled the Plead the Fifth Tour, with Drake White and Jason Davis, kicking off Oct. 19.

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