Kip Moore and Jon Pardi brought two different types of new country to the U.S. Cellular Center, but they were both loved by those in attendance.

California native Jon Pardi graced the downtown stage dressed in a pair of tight Wranglers and a white shirt and dark cowboy hat. He looked the part of a traditional country singer and fans have learned he's just that. His hits include "Up All Night," his current single "Dirt on My Boots," and recent number one "Head Over Boots." Jon was brought back to the stage during Kip's set and honored one of his idols, George Strait, by playing a bit of "Troubadour" and also launched into the early 80's legendary hit by Alabama, "Mountain Music." Everyone in the place seemed to be singing and clapping along to that one.

Kip Moore hit the stage around 9:30 and played for a solid 90-minutes. Near the end of his set, he joked that he was breaking curfew and that it was costing him $100 a minute, but he was having too much fun to stop. Moore on more than one occasion thanked the fans for coming out on a Thursday night when they all had to work the next day. Everyone crowded onto the jam-packed floor area wasn't thinking a thing about work the next morning, I assure you. The beers were raised high in the air throughout the night, but never quite as much as when Kip launched into "Beer Money." Another favorite moment was when it was just Kip and his guitar on "Hey, Pretty Girl," a song that perfectly matches his voice. And I can't forget Kip singing the praises and magical powers of a pickup in "Somethin' 'Bout A Truck," his only #1 song to date. The song seems to exude summer and on a mid-November night that felt more like summer than late fall, it was made all the sweeter.

Yes, anytime they want to come back, Cedar Rapids will be ready to Pardi some Moore.

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