It was abundantly clear during Keith Urban's Saturday night show at the Great Jones County Fair that he was thoroughly enjoying himself. Just how much fun he was having continues to show itself as Keith has posted another video from the concert.

It all started about 30 minutes after Keith left the stage Saturday night when he posted this video:

Monday, he was at it again with the video below and the caption "Trading licks AND rides with Frankie Ballard - dude's a bad ass!!! - KU"

Today, Keith posted yet another video. In my post-show review and photo blog the night of the show I mentioned how Keith "led what had to be the largest sing along in America Saturday night."

Keith was obviously impressed with Saturday night's VERY LOUD crowd as well. Today he posted a video of his performance of "Wasted Time" with the caption "And THIS is why we do what we do!!!!!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!! - KU." The volume of the crowd singing back to Keith is absolutely beautiful. You can watch the video HERE and if you were on the track, you might even be able to find yourself.

Kudos to everyone that was in Monticello Saturday night. It's not easy to impress a superstar artist who's played around the world for a long time, but you did. You sure did.

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