Kane Brown and his wife, Katelyn, ran into a little bit of trouble when they tried to take a sweet new family photo with their baby girl, Kingsley. Katelyn turned to social media on Monday (July 20) to share the awkward results, which any young parents can relate to.

In the pictures below, Brown and Katelyn try their best to capture a sweet family moment, with the country singer laying over on his side with his head on his wife's leg, holding their baby girl as Katelyn gives the camera a peace sign.

The sweet moment goes awry at the last second, however, as Kinglsey turns away from the camera at precisely the moment the picture is snapping, reaching up to put her fingers in her mom's mouth, which is caught on camera. Her last-second turn also obscures the bottom half of her famous dad's face, as her mom laments in the caption for the pictures below.

"Tried getting a good fam pic today, but this is how it turned out," Katelyn writes, adding laughing and heart emojis.

Swipe right in Katelyn's post to see another picture that's somewhat better, with Kingsley looking into the camera with her giraffe-themed pacifier in her mouth and her father also smiling into the camera, though he's still in what looks like a very awkward, uncomfortable position.

The couple married in October of 2018, and they welcomed Kingsley in October of 2019. The young family have recently been in quarantine in Nashville together as Brown's professional schedule has been mostly upended during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and they've been sharing some family highlights from their quarantine to social media.

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