Kane Brown and John Legend are stuck at home due to the ongoing coronavirus quarantine, but they're not letting it stop them from creating a music video for their new single "Last Time I Say Sorry."

From their respective houses, the pair co-directed the new clip.

Brown and Legend's new music video finds the two in various locations around their homes: Brown reclined on something fluffy and singing in front of a window, and Legend on his couch and in front of a spiral staircase, among other locations. Legend can be seen seated at his piano throughout the black-and-white clip, while Brown tosses in a bit of air violin for good measure.

Brown filmed his portions of the "Last Time I Say Sorry" video on his iPhone, while Legend used his Google Pixel and MacBook, a press release explains. The pair co-wrote the song with Matt McGinn and Andrew Goldstein, after meeting backstage at The Voice. Legend is a coach on the TV singing competition, on which Brown was performing.

"We just started talking about our relationships ... Usually the guys in the relationship will say sorry and then turn around and do it again," Brown explains to Gayle King, "and me and John were both like, 'That’s the worst feeling in the world.'"

Brown teased the track back in January, in an Instagram post offering up a sample of the song. He noted at the time, "We both love the song."

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