Kane Brown knows that it's important to eat your vegetables, but that doesn't mean he practices that theory.

The country singer confessed while speaking to the Rob + Holly Show that he only very recently started branching out into the intimidating world of vegetables. Stepping away from his safety foods of chicken and rice, Brown says that he's trying to get in better shape, which means he needs to turn to more nutrient-rich options, like leafy greens.

Brown took the jump by trying spinach and kale after a show recently, explaining that the move was aided by some liquid encouragement.

"I was a little intoxicated," the singer admits. "It was actually pretty good. I'd never had it before. I wasn't mad. I was like, 'Maybe I just had to be drunk?'"

Growing up, Brown said he ate a rotation of "American food," including budget-friendly staples like hot dogs and an assortment of Chef Boyardee delicacies. When money was tight growing up, his family only really had the option for one vegetable, which was green beans.

"My grandpa's a farmer, so the only good thing I had was green beans, that he would make. That was like the only vegetable I would eat," Brown says, digressing into the classification of another plant and other approved foods. "Corn technically ain't a vegetable, I don't feel like. Peas, I love peas. But anything else green, I don't eat."

This aversion to "green" was so strong that Brown would even throw away food from fast food chains if he detected lettuce.

"If I had a taco from Taco Bell and there was a small piece of lettuce in my taco, I would throw the whole thing away because I feel like it stains the food. It tastes like lettuce," he dishes.

Whether or not Brown chowed down on some spinach after his ACM Awards performance is up for debate, but what isn't is Brown's momentum headed into the rest of 2022. He released his new single "Leave You Alone" earlier this month before taking the song to the ACMs stage. He is also enjoying a No. 1 collaboration with Chris Young,  which earned the pair three nominations at the awards show.

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