It's back for 2018! A couple weeks ago we asked you to name your favorite restaurants and a ton of different eastern Iowa restaurants were named. We went through the lengthy list and the 16 restaurants named more than any others make up this year's bracket, which will eventually determine YOUR winner for 2018. The bracket below shows you which restaurants take on each other in the opening rounds and you can also see how everything lays out for future rounds. You'll be able to cast your vote on this very page the day of every match-up of restaurants. Voting will be from 7:15 a.m. to midnight each day.

Hale Tap V Bread Basket

The owners of the final two restaurants will be invited to join Brain and Courtlin in our brand new KHAK studio and be presented with a plaque naming them "K-Hawk Country's Favorite Local Restaurant 2018!"

Here's a look back at last April when Bluff Lake Catfish Farm in Maquoketa was named our 2017 winner. Man, do we miss that old studio. (Nope)

Voting for the finals will be Monday, April 2. Good luck to our two finalists!

If you're using the K-Hawk App, please paste this URL into your web browser to vote.

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