Justin Moore is just like any other proud parent in August, which means he’s sharing adorable first-day-of-school photos of his kids on Instagram.

The artist posted a photo on Aug. 15 featuring all three girls side by side, stair-steps in height, each holding homemade signs designating their grade levels: pre-k, kindergarten and second grade.

Ella (7), Kennedy (5) and Rebecca (3) look totally ready to take on their first day, and hopefully, Moore took Kennedy’s kindergarten debut better this time around than he says he did when Ella went the first time. He tells his label, Big Machine, he was a mess.

Justin Moore Can't Wait to Teach His Son a Few Things ... 

"We flew back from a show…on a Sunday evening, and she was starting on Monday, and I boo-hooed all the way home on the plane, and then I got home and my wife was asleep," he remembers. "We got home at like midnight and I said, 'How could you sleep at a time like this?!  What is wrong with you?!'"

The artist recalls his wife simply explaining Ella would be totally fine.

"I said, 'I’m not gonna be fine!'"

Moore will have two more first-days-of-kindergarten to work through, as the family just welcomed a new baby boy, Thomas South, in June. It’s a good thing, too, because Moore said his daughters would have staged a protest if it had been another girl — especially Ella.

“Ella said, ‘If it’s a girl I won’t never talk to it, I won’t claim it, I won’t never hold it, I don’t even want to see it.’” he said when they announced the pregnancy. Over time, Ella didn’t warm up to the idea, either. If anything, she dug in her heels.

“I don’t know that my oldest won’t move out if she has another sister,” Moore added later.

Thankfully, Ella got what she wanted.

"His sisters are already obsessed with him, as we are all of them," Moore said after the baby arrived. "Kate and I already felt like the most blessed people in the world with our three beautiful daughters, but we feel even more blessed to have a healthy baby boy now to add to our family. God has given us another wonderful gift, in him."

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