As Josh Turner and most country fans know, the south has a culture all its own. But it's not familiar to everyone. Turner decided to quiz some people not yet versed in the traditions prominent below the Mason-Dixon Line: kids. Of course, the result is hilarious.

Now, these kids must not be from the south, judging by their lack of knowledge of the term "pocketbook," but they had some interesting insights into the subject anyway. After they successfully showed Turner they knew where the south was on a map, the children were given a tough one right out of the gate: What does 'antebellum' mean?

"Alabama?" one boy tried to clarify. Turner laughed and repeated himself. None of the kids knew the answer, but to be fair, neither do most adults (hopefully excluding Hillary Scott and company).

He went on to ask the kids about cotton and where it comes from. "Do you think maybe cotton comes from a plant?" he asked. The kids were incredulous. "Do you think you can grow clothes?"

Turner showed off his dad skills interacting with the kids, helping them along the path to the answer, explaining that cotton is actually grown in the south. The final test was passed with flying colors: what do you do at a beauty parlor?

The girls were all over it, suggesting makeup and getting nails done.

"Do you talk about your boyfriends at the beauty parlor?" Turner asked, receiving a resounding "no!" in response. The interview is part of Turner's video series titled Unscripted, which was launched in honor of the release of his new album, Deep South.

It's no surprise Turner is great with kids, though, as he has four of his own. In fact, he says he's trying to bestow some wisdom on them as well.

"They like mostly country music," he says. "I’m trying to raise them right. I want them to know what the real stuff is first and then go beyond that. I want them to be pretty well rounded. I want them to know the history of country music and why I’m doing what I do, and I also want to expose them to all different kinds of music, too."

Turner released his Deep South album in March.

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