A Thursday night traffic stop on Interstate 80 in Johnson County ended up with a Johnson County Sheriff's Deputy seizing 82.19 pounds of marijuana from a vehicle trunk... that must've been one jam-packed trunk.

According to the Gazette, a deputy observed a vehicle driving below the speed limit in the left lane. That's against the law, which I didn't realize. Anyway, as a result, the deputy initiated a stop near the Coral Ridge Mall exit (exit 240).

During the traffic stop, the 24-year-old driver, Juan Salcedo (of New York City) and his 32-year-old passenger, Jairo Rodriguez (Bronx, New York) raised suspicions. They reportedly said they'd flown from New York to Florida and then Florida all the way to California. They then told the deputy they'd decided to drive from New York cross country to California. Is it just me, or did these guys talk too much?

The two men then gave the go-ahead to a vehicle search. When Johnson County Sheriff's Deputy Cody O'Hare popped the trunk, the motherload was inside.

Both Rodriquez and Salcedo are charged with "Controlled Substance Violation" (a Class D felony) and "Failure to Affix Drug Stamp," according to the Johnson County Sheriff's Office. Each is being held on $7,000 cash bond.

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