Breland, Mickey Guyton and Jimmie Allen are three of the artists featured in a new Amazon Music documentary film called For Love & Country. The film charts the evolution of country music from the perspective of its Black artists, and also features interviews and performances from Blanco Brown, Shy Carter, Valerie June, Willie Jones, Reyna Roberts, Brittney Spencer, Allison Russell, Frankie Staton and more.

"I've always believed in the old saying, 'If you can see it, you can be it,'" Guyton says ahead of the film's release. "However, it's no secret there has been a lack of representation of Black artists in mainstream country music for years. That's why I hope little Black girls growing up now can see us, artists like Brittney, Reyna, Amythyst, Allison, Valerie, Frankie and me, and know they have a place here in country music. We all do."

Amythyst Kiah is another artist appearing in the film. The solo artist and Our Native Daughters band mate is contributing her song "Black Myself," which appears on the track list of the OND project Songs of Our Native Daughters; Kiah put a more uptempo version of the song on her solo project from 2021, Wary + Strange. 

A new version of "Black Myself," being released as part of For Love & Country, is available to listen to now.

Directed by Joshua Kissi, For Love & Country is slated for release on April 7. A trailer for the film shows interviews and performance footage from the artists involved, plus shots of downtown Nashville.

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