Jimmie Allen recently scored his first No. 1 single with "Best Shot," but his work wasn't done. Not until he took his kid to Disney World.

An almost two-week vacation in Florida meant Allen and his young son Aadyn got to visit all of the classic Walt Disney World parks, where they met all of the beloved characters.  The country singer tells People that, "Having radio success just means I can afford to take my son to Disney World without selling a kidney."

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At a No. 1 party for "Best Shot," Allen divulged that they went to Disney for the first time when his now 4-year-old son was just a baby, adding with a laugh, "It was more for me."

Now that Aadyn is older, his dad took him along with family members to celebrate his first of many No. 1 singles in style — with the mouse himself. The only problem? He didn't want to leave!

"Now he thinks Disney World is real life, he expects it now," Allen divulges.

Allen has raised a smart child — Aadyn even makes a point to say that planes leave daily, so they can go to Disney World daily. Allen explained to his son that it wasn't possible, however:

"I got into dad mode, and just, you know, had to break things down to him" he says.

"Best Shot" is from Allen's debut country album, Mercury Lane, which came out in October 2018. The success of the song makes Allen the first black artist to launch a country career with a No. 1 song.

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