Country artists are multi-talented performers, and Jennifer Nettles is proving that again with her newest project.

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The former Sugarland singer is donning her apron for a brief stint in the main role of the musical 'Waitress' on Broadway. She is stepping in to replace singer and show music creator, Sara Bareilles. Nettles made the announcement on social media earlier this week.

The singer is slated to take on the main role from October 19th to November 24th of this year. She is stepping in to replace Sara Bareilles, who composed the popular musical and is currently starring in the show. Bareilles' last show is slated to be October 17th.

This won't be Nettles's first time on the great white way. The singer actually first made her Broadway debut in 2015 in the revival of 'Chicago' for a limited period of time.

And if this video is anything to go by, she absolutely killed it! You can check out a clip from a performance she did during her time in the show.

Not only does she have some theater experience already, but she frequently performs music from the current Broadway hit. She and Bareilles have performed the song together several times at different performances together.

You can watch a clip of Nettles performing one of the songs from the musical down below.

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