Jason Aldean has revealed that he decided to scale back his touring so he could spend proper time with his younger children.

The 42-year-old shares two children,16-year-old Keeley and 12-year-old Kendyl with his ex-wife, Jessica Ussery. He also has two kids with his current wife, Brittany Aldean, 1-year-old Memphis and 8-month-old Navy.

"We only had one way to go, but to slow down," Aldean told PopCulture of his earlier days on the road. "In the early days, playing 200 shows a year and being on the road 250 days a year, there's only one way to go. You can't do any more than we were doing.

"After Memphis was born, I did make it a conscious effort to back off a little bit...we probably went from playing 75 shows to 55 shows," he explained."Just to make it where I'm at home a little bit more, a few more weekends more a year kind of thing."

Though Aldean does tour quite frequently, his family often visits him on the road in addition to his weekends at home. Therefore even though his family is his main priority, he doesn't plan on stopping touring.

"I still enjoy it too much to just not do it at all," he confirms, adding that he also wants his younger children to experience tour life a little bit. "I don't want them to see all that stuff just in pictures from the past, or videos, or whatever."

As for the future, he plans on having a proper tour annually. "I don't see retiring maybe ever," he assured. "We're still making sure that we go out and still have a full tour every year."

This January, Aldean will kick off his We Back Tour with Morgan Wallen, Riley Green and Dee Jay Silver acting as support. The tour dates have multiple days off, giving Aldean time with his family.

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