From playing in hometown bars to commanding the attention of thousands at stadium shows, Jason Aldean's career has been a wild ride.

For starters, Aldean's 2005 self-titled debut album almost never happened. After two failed record deals, Aldean gave himself six months to find success in Nashville before moving back to Georgia. Thankfully, Aldean's dreams were met just a few weeks after he set that deadline: Broken Bow Records signed him to their label, launching his successful music career.

That story is somewhat well known these days -- after all, Aldean is a country superstar now -- but there are a few things about the "Big Green Tractor" singer that you might not know ... including who was offered that song before Aldean, and what his plan was if things hadn't panned out in Music City. Read on to learn these facts and more:

WATCH: Test Your Jason Aldean Knowledge!

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