In Jason Aldean's family, the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree. Like her Daddy, the superstar's 2-year-old daughter, Navy, has a knack for singing — and she isn't shy about her talents.

Brittany Aldean recently captured Navy's talent on film, sharing and Instagram Story of the couple's toddler daughter singing a familiar song, "Happy Birthday." Although in the video it's not clear if she's singing it with someone specific in mind, or it's just her go-to tune, it's adorable regardless of the occasion.

As the mother-daughter duo are sitting in the closet, with a smiley Navy trying on sneakers, she begins to sing.

"Happy Birthday to you," Navy belts, then sings the verse again.

"Singing runs in the fam," Brittany captions the clip of her vivacious daughter, proving there’s more than one musician in their household.

When you live under the same roof as a mainstream megastar name like Jason Aldean, it makes sense that singing bug would rub off on you. Navy has a built-in voice coach and singing mentor anytime she needs it.

You can tell she's ready at any moment to show off her vocals to her dad.
All Aldean has to say is, "You want to sing for me?" ... and there she goes!

Brittany Aldean Instagram

The next time Brittany was ready with the camera, Navy swapped her "Happy Birthday" song for the "ABCs", this time with Aldean in the room.

"And now she will serenade you," Brittany jokes in the clip of the three swaying to Navy's singing.

When Navy Aldean sings, she does it loud and proud! Who knows — give this little girl a few more years and you may find her on stage in Nashville singing with Dad.

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