The term 'gentle giant' is thrown around for anything that is large and in charge. That goes for dogs too. And while not every canine given that title fits the bill, our new friend Jake is a perfect definition of the term. He truly is a gentle giant. Now giant is also a relative term. Jake is a two and half-year-old border collie. Yes, there are bigger dog breeds out there, but he would be classified as a 'large' dog. But from the time he entered the KHAK studio, we could tell he had a gentle heart. He took treats gently out of our hands, and he demonstrated that he LOVES belly rubs!

Jake is currently up for adoption and is being fostered at Dogs Forever in Cedar Rapids. Jake gets along with other dogs but does best if they are larger dogs. He also gets along with kids too, but because of his size, he'd do better in a home with older children. Bring Jake home soon to your family and find out why there is so much to love about a gentle giant!

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