Watching Jake Owen perform, you can't help but smile. He clearly loves what he's doing and today was a first for him. Not surprisingly, he seemed to enjoy every second.

Jake Owen had never appeared on 'Ellen,' until today. He performed his latest hit "Real Life" on the show, much to the delight of everyone in attendance. Jake even made his way all the way to the top of the audience with some great moves. It was almost like he was floating on air he was so light on his feet. Then again, considering Jake normally doesn't wear shoes on stage, his feet were actually probably a little heavier than normal. Yes, Jake making your first appearance on 'Ellen' is definitely reason to feel a little energized.

Kim Kardashian was also on the show today. She and Jake posed for what appears to be a bit of an uncomfortable picture. I guess Kim always seems to have that look, though, so who knows.

Jake's quite a photographer himself. Last week, he took this very retro-looking photo of his two-year-old daughter Pearl.

And you've gotta love this selfie of he and Pearl earlier this month. Thankfully it appears they're doing ok after Jake's divorce from Lacey this summer.

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