Remember the good old days?

The best day ever for you as a kid was always when your parents would bring you to the happiest place on Earth.

No, not Disney World...


Now, a major part of the whole McDonald's experience might be disappearing entirely.

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McDonald's Monthly Sales Rise 4.9 Percent
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In 2023, it was announced that the fast-food giant would be getting rid of the self-serve drink stations. According to a reports, multiple McDonald's franchise owners were told that corporate wants them to "retire" these drink stations by 2032.

While this is a slow rollout, some locations in the Midwest are having the staff fill up the initial drink orders for customers that are eating in the restaurant, but then letting them get their own refills if they need it.

That doesn't seem like that will be the case for much longer...

McDonald's Is Getting Rid of Free Refills?!?


It seems like those free refills that we've loved so much are going buh-bye!

Some individual McDonald's franchise owners are opting out of offering customers free refills altogether!

One of our sister stations in Buffalo, New York confirm that it's already happening out east!

This comes as McDonald's is about to offer a limited time $5 value meal.

Reports say this meal deal will most likely include; a McChicken, a McDouble, or four-piece chicken nuggets, with fries and a drink.

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