You might be noticing a change to your neighbor's mailbox over the next few months.

The United States Postal Service is asking people all across the country to switch up their mailboxes.

Don't worry! It's not mandatory, but it's supposed to make getting your mail more efficient!

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What Kind of Mailbox Do I Have to Get?

A large mailbox with the flag down along a gravel road.
Robert Clay Reed

The USPS is actually asking people who have standalone, curbside mailboxes to upgrade to an extra-large mailbox.

These mailboxes are 13.63 inches wide x 7.75 inches tall on the sides, and 12 inches tall at center x 16.5 inches deep.

Also, these upgraded mailboxes fit on most standard posts.

Why Are They Asking Us to Do This?

There are multiple reasons that the USPS is giving for the switch.

The goal with these larger boxes is to decrease the "need for notices-left and trips to the Post Office to retrieve a package."

Another reason has to do with the weather.

Have you ever come home from work one day to see a package on your front step that is absolutely drenched after being left out in the rain or snow?

If you have, you might be tempted to get one of these larger mailboxes.

The USPS also claims an extra-large mailbox, "holds the majority of mail, so packages get delivered the same time."

Where Can I Get the New Mailboxes?


If you are looking to upgrade to an extra-large mailbox, there are plenty of stores that sell them in Iowa.

The following stores sell USPS approved, package-friendly mailboxes:

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USPS Says These Items are Prohibited, Restricted, and Non-Mailable

Before you go to drop a package at the post office, be sure you are not trying to mail one of these prohibited, restricted, or non-mailable items.

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