If more people were like Willie Ray Fairley, the world would be a much better place.

This Iowa hero continues to offer help when it's needed. He inspires Iowa as well as the rest of the country to do better, be kind, and help your neighbor when you can. There are so many stories of this man and his crew members who give to others, there should be an award named after him.

This past May, he offered help to Iowans suffering from the devasting Greenfield tornados and now, it should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with Willie Ray Fairley, that he and his crew are heading to northwestern Iowa this weekend to once again offer help.

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Various areas in Northwestern Iowa are underwater with 22 counties being declared as a state disaster by Gov. Kim Reynolds last week. This would mean around 22% of Iowa is suffering from severe flooding.

Help Is On The Way

Willie Ray Fairley and crew are spending their Independence weekend traveling to northwestern Iowa. They will be offering meals to those who have been impacted by the floods. The meals will be served from Saturday, July 6th through Tuesday, July 9th. They will return to Cedar Rapids on Wednesday, July 10th.

Willie Ray's Q Shack shared on social media that this will be their 9th trip traveling to a disaster area and they appreciate all of the help from those who have donated to allow them to continue to help others.

When the world needs help, Willie Ray Fairley is there to answer the call. Iowa can be proud knowing one of the country's biggest heroes lives in our backyard.

If you'd like to help Willie Ray Fairley and his crew with their relief efforts, donations can be sent to the Venmo @willieraysqshack

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