One of the biggest reasons most people want to grab lunch or dinner from a fast food restaurant is's fast.

It doesn't take very long to wait in the drive-through or walk into the store to grab something on your way home from work. If you only have a 30-minute lunch break, fast food can also be a convenient option to grab something quick during the middle of the work day.

Other than the speed of most fast food restaurants, another huge reason many Iowans like fast food is because of the price. You might not feel like cooking something that day or you're low on groceries, and instead of sitting down at a full-service restaurant, it's usually cheaper to grab something from a fast food place.

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We have seen the prices at fast food restaurants increase throughout the years but in general, it's normally going to be cheaper going through the drive-through than a full-service restaurant.

What is the Most Expensive Fast Food Restaurant?

Fortune and Mashed have discovered the most expensive fast food restaurant and there are 41 of these scattered throughout Iowa. Once again...every single fast food restaurant in America has seen their prices increase over the years but this restaurant in particular takes the crown.


Unsplash - Batu Gezer
Unsplash - Batu Gezer

To be fair, Wendy's has committed over the years to make sure their beef is "fresh, never frozen" would will play a major factor in the higher price tag. While the popular square-shaped beef patties do taste great, they can regularly be found amongst the highest priced.

Wendy's offers a ginormous "Big Bacon Classic Triple, which will cost you around $10 plus tax. The good news is you will surely get your money's worth with this thing. The burger consists of 3 quarters of a pound of beef, applewood smoked bacon, cheese, and your choice of fresh toppings. According to Eat This, this burger contains 1,220 calories, which is over half the calories an adult needs in an average day.

If you went for a chicken nugget lunch, this will cost around $11 plus tax.

I'm a Wendy's fan. My wife and I aren't frequent Wendy's patrons but the few times we've made a stop at this restaurant, we've enjoyed it. I'm not here to bash Wendy's. I'm just giving you the heads up that you might just want to double-check that the bank account isn't holding on for dear life before deciding to make a quick stop at the drive-through.

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