"I like that it's just all me and I don't have any other people to depend on. I can take control and do what I do best" is what this 6th grader, Abbie Peterson, told KCRG about why she loves wrestling. She's also 100% right. Wrestling is definitely one of the things she's best at. She's better than a LOT of people.

Iowa is known nationally as a powerhouse wrestling state. Some of the greatest wrestlers of all time come out of the state of Iowa and the dedication it takes to be great, especially in this state, can be a lot. Abbie has blown past being dedicated to wrestling, she's devoted her life and changed her lifestyle to be great at this sport.

According to KCRG, Abbie travels from Denver to North Liberty pretty much every day to train at Big Game Wrestling Club, which was created by Dylan Carew, a former wrestler for the Hawkeyes.

Abbie and whoever brings her to Big Game, travel about 1 hour and 30 minutes daily, to allow her to train against some of the best wrestlers in the state. That means she spends about 3 hours in a car going to and from her wrestling training.

She also wrestles in various tournaments almost every weekend. What about when she has homework or a test to do? She told KCRG, she does her schoolwork in the car.

Sometimes it is real hard with tests, but I will do it in the car. I usually have plenty of time.

Abbies dedication to the sport is starting to pay dividends as she has had one of the best years a wrestler can have. She won the USA Triple Crown after winning 3 national championships in the same year.

Dylan Carew had glowing words for this young lady as he told KCRG, she's one of the best wrestlers in the club, boy or girl.

She’s not just one of the best girl wrestlers we have, she’s one of the best wrestlers. She is at the top of the list of kids who commit themselves and work hard.

Abbie already has sky-high aspirations for her wrestling dreams. She wants to eventually wrestle some of the best in the world, as she wants to one day make it to the Olympics. She told KCRG,

I like the challenge. When I do something successful it just feels really good. Hopefully, I can go to college with wrestling and go to the Olympics and go many places.

For someone so young to be so dedicated to something, it's really fun to learn about and she's an inspiration to everyone. If Abbie wants to wrestle in college and eventually the Olympics, I'm not sure there's anything that could stand in her way. Go get em' Abbie! You've got this!

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