It has been a crazy year for the University of Iowa megastar, Caitlin Clark.

Whether she's breaking college basketball records, creating a movement in women's sports, or having an on-court father/daughter moment during the NCAAW tournament, there never seems to be a dull moment in her life.

Now you can add this to the mix. She's been offered a total of 15 million dollars from two separate entities to play basketball after college.

What makes this scenario so interesting is that neither of these offers has anything to do with the WNBA...Imagine waking up on a Wednesday (yesterday) morning and finding out 2 different people want you to play basketball for them while also offering huge sums of money...and it has absolutely nothing to do with being a pro athlete.

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This whirlwind story starts with the Rapper/Actor/Entrepreneur O'Shea Jackson, also known as Ice Cube. He is the founder of a basketball league called the Big3. The league consists of 12 teams with former NBA players and international players, and they play 3 on 3 basketball.

Yesterday (March 27), he announced that he has offered Caitlin Clark $5 million to play 10 games in the Big3 League.


We intended the offer to remain private while Caitlin Clark plays for the championship. But I won’t deny what’s now already out there: BIG3 made a historic
offer to Caitlin Clark. Why wouldn’t we? Caitlin is a generational athlete who can achieve tremendous success in the BIG3.

— Ice Cube (@icecube) March 27, 2024

Barstool Sports

Barstool Sports


Will we see a bidding war between Dave Portnoy and Ice Cube? Would Caitlin Clark realistically entertain either of these offers?

According to USA Today, the first pick in the WNBA draft receives a salary of about $76,000. This means it would roughly take Caitlin 131 years to make the $10 million the Barstool's Dave Portnoy offers.

What an incredible and strange world Caitlin Clark must be living in.

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Iowa's nunber two scorer of all-time, after just three seasons, Caitlin Clark continues to build on her already legendary career.

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