The snow isn't making things easy this week.

Not only have we had a bunch of snow, but more snow and the 'arctic blast' to go with it is gearing up to move into the Quad Cities. And now we have another event to bite the dust thanks to it.

We're expected to get anywhere from 5-10 more inches of snow this weekend according to our friends at KWQC, and with the extremely low temps and high wind chill, one classic event in Davenport has been canceled.

Icestravaganza Is Canceled

Downtown Davenport posted on Facebook that Icestravaganza 2024 is canceled. I, for one, am super bummed because I haven't gotten to go to Icestravaganza yet, ever!

Kyle Carter, Executive Director, Downtown Davenport Partnership, said in the post:

We love Icestravaganza so much, but expected conditions are simply unsafe to host the event this year. When the weather clears, a few sculptures were already completed, so we encourage folks to come downtown and support small businesses at the Freight House later this week. Antonella’s, Front Street Tap Room, Freight House Farmers Market, and The Diner will greatly appreciate the community support when things clear up.

Can't really blame them for canceling, since the forecast has only gotten worse as the weekend gets closer. I still hate it.

If you had your heart set on it, you can still enjoy a few ice sculptures that were already done though, check them out (once the weather gets less nasty) at the Freight House Farmers Market.

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