It's awesome to see downtown Cedar Rapids thriving, but if you're only there for a specific event, the hassle of competing for parking can be frustrating.

It's easy if you work downtown. You can most likely use your facility's parking area for anything else you're doing downtown. Ride-sharing? Not as quick and cheap as it used to be. But a new service from Park Cedar Rapids has been a long time coming for people whose main objective downtown is an afternoon or night out to attend a show at Theatre Cedar Rapids, the Alliant Energy Powerhouse, or the Paramount Theatre.

How do they know I'm just there for an event?

That's an excellent question. It won't be available for any other purpose downtown (yet) but you'll be able to use the ParkMobile app to pick your event. Then, select a parking ramp or lot. You'll then get a QR code that will be scanned the night of the event.

What will it cost?

According to KCRG, it will vary based on the event, but officials are banking on money being no object for users wanting the peace of mind in knowing they have a guaranteed parking spot for their specific event.

Park Cedar Rapids General Manager Ryan Baack said

It guarantees your spot in the facility. So if everything is kind of crazy down here and there are tons of cars coming in if the ramp gets full their spot is still guaranteed

Learn more about using the ParkMobile App for your next night on the town here.

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