A trend has emerged that has people pouring large amounts of salt down the drains in their home.

But is it really doing any good?

Why People Pour Salt Into Drains

It's not about cutting salt out of their diets.

Salt is becoming a go-to solution as a way to make a cheap drain cleaner. But salt alone can't get the job down.

Business Insider recommends mixing half a cup of salt with a half a cup of baking soda. Dump the mixture down the drain before moving on to the next step.

You're going to need some liquid to get that mixture moving inside the pipes. The website says you should follow the salt/baking soda mix with a cup of vinegar that is boiling hot.

You should then see everything start to fizz up and bubble the gunk out of the pipes.

Salt poured into garbage disposal

Is It Safe To Pour Salt Down A Drain?

While some have had success with the trick, others are warning against filling your pipes with salt.

One of the reasons people turn to salt as a drain cleaner is they believe that is helps loosen any debris that might be creating the clog. A report from Homes and Gardens says that's not always the case.

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The website spoke to several plumbing experts who believe the salt will eventually damage your pipes. The timeline of the damage will likely ramp-up if you let the salt sit in the pipe for a few days.

Salt is also believed to be a good solution to rid your drain of odors, especially if there is a garbage disposal which is prone to creating a stink if not properly cleaned.

Homes and Gardens says using salt to expel any odors is nothing more than a temporary solution to the problem. You're just covering the smell with salt instead of getting rid of what is actually stinking up your kitchen.

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