Luke Combs opened up on social media about his new album Fathers & Sons and pondered if fans even want an album that is centered around fatherhood. He was honest regarding his doubts about the project, but his followers were quick to reassure him.

"I've been putting out music for over 10 years now," he writes in a note. "Over time, I've gotten a pretty good grasp on what I feel like my fans enjoy hearing. It's scary to think about changing that, but I've always wanted to grow up alongside my fan base."

He then explained that his life has been consumed by his two sons, which has been a big influence on what he's been writing. Combs also planted a stake in the ground, saying being a father to Tex and Beau is his top priority.

"But part of me does wonder — Do y'all even want to hear songs about being a dad? I hope so... but at the same time, I know I could try and recreate the mainstream success of "Beer Never Broke My Heart" or "When It Rains It Pours" and sometimes I selfishly want to do that" he continues.

Ultimately, this project just had to be done.

"I just had to do this project though because being a dad to my boys has been the main thing on my mind lately. I don't want to say this is a side project because it is me and my stuff, but what started as a crazy idea with only a few dad songs turned into me saying we should just record all of them as my next album," Combs writes.

"I know it's probably not what everyone expected my next album to be and I get that; I feel the same way in this not truly feeling like my next album. But being a dad is where life has taken me, and this album is a reflection of that in a song form."

Luke Combs Fans Show Overwhelming Support for New Album Fathers & Sons

Combs' vulnerability ignited a firestorm of support from his fans. While many praised him as an artist, others took a moment to share how much an album about fatherhood meant to them.

"As a dad with one under two, this album means so much to me already. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us," one writes. "It’s been a treat to listen to all day."

"Happy Father's Day big man! Fans want to hear whats on your heart... we can always turn on those songs if we want to party," another shares.

"Maaan those songs hit different," someone chimes in. "Love being a dad."

"This album shows your growth as an artist and a songwriter and personally I just love every track. Thank you for taking the risk and doing a project like this," one comment reads.

"I listened to this album for the first time today during my gym workout," a fellow dad types. "As the father of two grown boys that I miss every day, these songs struck me in a very real way. To say it was tough to focus on my workout form would be an understatement. Oh the memories. Thanks @lukecombs."

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