Keith Urban is an important fixture in country music with four Grammy Awards, 18 No. 1 songs and countless other accolades, and he's proud to be part of what he calls the "tribe" of artists in country music. But he's concerned that tribe is being "ripped apart" right now during a time when people should be coming together.

"It feels like a tribe, and we’re really a tight family, and we all need each other," Urban says in a recent interview with Beasley Media Group. "At the end of the day, we’ve all got something to offer each other, and that communal fabric is really important to maintain."

However, Urban also shared that he has felt a rift developing in the country artist community as of late. He didn't share specifics about what he believes is causing this perceived division, but it's something he feels needs to be remedied.

"It’s getting ripped apart right now for multitudes of reasons, and I think keeping it strong and keeping it together is really important," he says.

Urban doubled down on the need for unity in country music with one final thought, in which he stresses the importance of having the support of friends and family during hard times. In this case, he extends the notion of "family" to the community of artists in country music.

“All I know is my life has, like a lot of people’s lives, contrasted from a lot of self-destruction and struggle in my life that I was able to get through with a strong faith and strong support of friends and family," he says.

“That contrast gives me real gratitude for what I get to do musically, as a husband, as a father, as a part of this community, part of the tribe of us artists here," he adds.

Urban did his part to support his country music counterparts by attending the CMA Awards on Nov. 9 despite not receiving a nomination in 2022. Urban is busy touring as always, and he will begin the Australian leg of his Speed of Now World Tour in December. He has also announced plans for another Las Vegas residency, this time at Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood, beginning in March of 2023.

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