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Stealing hearts across America right now is this viral video of a couple of older men — men in their 80s — who are riding in a self-driving car for the first time.

Posted on Instagram by the elderly fella who goes by Patriotic Kenny, the video shows two men, Kenny and Jerry, surprised by a ride in driverless car.

The video begins with some chaos: 81-year-old Kenny thinks he is waiting for an Uber to pull up, but instead, here comes the self-driving car. He immediately asks, "Is that a cop?" due to the cameras and mapping equipment mounted on the top of the car.

The two elderly men get in, believing they are about to be driven around by an Uber driver in a fancy Jaguar with cameras all over it. Then comes a state of mass-confusion when they learn that there is no driver in the driver's seat. Watch it unfold in the series of videos below:

A U.S. Navy veteran, Patriotic Kenny has seen a lot of things in his time on Earth, but you can certainly tell that he is befuddled by what is happening during his first-ever driver-free car ride. His daughter is the one that booked the ride, and she is sitting in the front seat, while they're on their way to a coffee shop.

The men in the backseat are more and more shocked with every turn and stop that the self-driving car makes on its journey.

At the end of the video, Kenny admits he'll "never forget this," adding: "The car did a better job than if someone was sitting in there driving!"

This video will have you cracking up, but also melting with happiness.

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