It's a strange thing to watch your parents get older. You know they are getting older. It's basic math. I feel like I'm getting older every day, so it is only logical that my parents are too. But when I talk to my mom and dad, or I visit with them, I don't feel like they are older. I feel like I'm still living at home, and they'll be here forever.

My dad turns 73 today. It's not a milestone age by any means, but when I hear that number and I look at my dad, I think to myself, " dad is in his seventies!" I remember when I was younger, the 70's seemed ancient! So did the 40's, where my age currently resides. But age has a way of putting things into perspective. So does being a parent. I can't count the number of times that I think back to what my parents might have done to my brother or I if we had done the thing that MY kids were guilty of. Each time I do that I know my mom and dad are smiling somewhere.

My dad has survived a couple of health scares in the past several years. He has also lived longer than his father did. He has five awesome grandchildren to enjoy. He and my mom are able to travel in their retirement. His 'golden' years are going pretty good. And why shouldn't they be. He's earned it. Happy Birthday, Dad.