A social media post concerning the 16th Ave. bridge in Cedar Rapids was shared nearly 300 times and claims that the bridge itself isn't safe. However, city officials claim that the bridge IS safe and says recent inspections have proven as much.

As you can see above, the post circles two gaps on the bridge. City engineers say that those gaps prove the bridge is doing its job. City engineer Nathan Kampman says that the expansion joints are there as part of the bridge design, and allows the bridge to expand as concrete heats up and then cools down.

The city also noted that all bridges are examined every two years. The 16th Ave. bridge was last looked at in 2015 and passed inspection. The next inspection will happen in late spring or early summer.

City officials say that the goal of bridges in Cedar Rapids is to have them last between 80 and 100 years. The 16th Ave. bridge was built in 1984. Officials hope it has another 50 years left in it.


[via KCRG]

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