The IRS and Treasury Department are urging all Americans that want to get their stimulus checks via direct deposit to get their information entered online by noon Wednesday. The Associated Press reports that the IRS says people should use the 'Get My Payment' tool on the IRS website by noon tomorrow if they want their money as soon as possible.

After the Wednesday deadline for getting direct deposit set up, the IRS will begin the process of issuing millions of paper checks that will begin arriving in late May and early June. The AP reports that the government cannot send direct deposit payments to taxpayers once the process of issuing paper checks has begun.


The 'Get My Payment' tool can not only be used to set up direct deposit, but it can also be used to check on the status of your stimulus payment. While the website had issues and glitches at launch, the IRS says that most of those issues have been resolved.

If you're still wondering about how much you'll be getting in your check, the AP reports that U.S. citizens that make up to $75,000 will get a check for $1200, couples who earn less than $150,000 will get $2400. Parents will also get $500 for each eligible child. The government sent out nearly 130 million payments the first four weeks of the program. My wife and I received ours nearly immediately, but I know plenty of people who have yet to see a dime.

Don't wait! If you're not signed up head to IRS.GOV right now!


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