The state of Iowa is filled with great cities from the tiniest, Le Roy with 3 residents, to the capital city of Des Moines, the largest in the state, at approximately 215,000. However, the size of a town doesn't necessarily correlate with how well off a city's residents are. The Iowa City-Cedar Rapids Corridor is home to two of the "richest cities" in Iowa, and they're just 18 miles from each other.

Forbes recently released the Richest City in every state in two different groupings. The first is cities with at least 1,000 households, while the other list covers any town in each state that has at least one resident.

Let's begin with Iowa's richest city of any size. The winner is Shueyville, in Johnson County. At the start of 2021, Shueyville had a Median household income of $160,417. Median household income "is the cut-off where half of the households earn more, and half earn less."

The Mean household income, or average income per household, in Shueyville is $171,285! Shueyville's 2020 population was 643.

Now, on to cities with at least 1,000 households. Here in Iowa, the city of Robins, in Linn County, is number one on that list with a median household income of $131,078.

Robins' residents Mean household income (MHI) shows there's a little more disparity of income in the city, compared to Shueyville. Robins (MHI) is $161,863. The population of Robins last year was 3,627.

Now that we've looked at the "haves", let's look at the "have-nots"... the cities whose residents have the lowest incomes in Iowa.

Iowa's poorest town overall is Macksburg, in Madison County, southwest of Des Moines. Residents of Macksburg have a Median household income of $20,875. Macksburg's 2020 population was 118 people.

Onawa is the poorest town in the state with at least 1,000 households. The Median household income of Onawa households was $36,406 to start the year. The Mean household income in Onawa, near the Iowa-Nebraska border between Sioux City and Omaha, is $50,536. The city's 2020 population was 2,726.

You can see the richest cities, with at least 1,000 households, in each state below.

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