After a trip out to Hawaii, Iowa native Jason Momoa posted on his Instagram page, which is pretty normal behavior. What took fans of his off guard (and made some of his fans happy) was the missing modesty in one of the videos he posted.

While on a boat and fishing in the ocean, Momoa was wearing what appeared to be some sort of loin cloth. After getting a bite, someone on the boat began to film him reeling in the monster fish.

During the whole ordeal, Momoa's minimal garment began to fly in the wind, showing off his buttocks. The Norwalk High School graduate had no misgivings about his bottom hanging out and went ahead and posted the video along with some other photos from the trip.

Who can blame the guy, really? I wouldn't be ashamed to let it all hang out if I were Aquaman either.

You'll find the video on the seventh slide of the attached Instagram post from Momoa's page:


The post includes some promotions for his recently launched water bottle company, Mananalu. The company's site says it was launched in order to eliminate plastic water bottle use and aid the environment.

This is what the 'About' page says on the site:

"All you have to do is be thirsty. For every planet-loving bottle of Mananalu YOU drink, WE remove the equivalent of 1 planet-hurting plastic bottle from ocean-going waste. Our partnership with rePurpose Global makes this possible.  They also certify Mananalu as a plastic negative product, which means we remove more plastic than we use."

Here are some more snapshots of the previously mentioned video:

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