The creepiest place in Iowa?

Some say it's Edinburgh Manor, formerly known as the Jones County "Poor Farm".

Photo: M. Ferris

The abandoned Edinburgh Manor is located in Jones County at 13241 E23 County Home Rd. Scotch Grove, Iowa. Put that in your GPS...we dare you!

Its intense history dates back to the 1850's when it was known as the Jones County Home. Locals called it the Poor Farm since they took in homeless people and provided a meager existence in exchange for farming labor that sustained the occupants of the farm.

Photo courtesy Edinburgh Manor

The original site was torn down in 1910 and the construction of Edinburgh Manor was begun. It was completed and opened in 1911.

Becky Carter photo via Facebook

The KRNA Morning Show first met Becky Carter in June 2018, during an on-air interview. Becky is a Paranormal Investigator with a wealth of experience in Edinburgh Manor.

Becky told me she has found records and other evidence of 113 people that are documented to have passed away on the property during the Poor Farm and Edinburgh Manor days.

Cater told us the Manor was officially closed down in the Fall of 2010 after the county decided it wasn't worth the money needed to bring it up to code. There were about 30 people living at Edinburgh at the time, and they were moved to other facilities in the area.

The small staff of Edinburgh and its occupants literally abandoned the entire estate, leaving fixtures, file cabinets, and furniture behind.

Since its closing, the Manor has been a magnet for Paranormal Investigators and curiosity seekers drawn to the psychic aura of the property. Many groups organize overnight stays and use their time to search for evidence of ethereal spirits.

Here's a look at what ghost hunters have found in and around the premises: