Eastern Iowa's Alisabeth Von Presley still has a chance to return to NBC's American Song Contest this season!

Back on March 21st, Alisabeth Von Presley was one of the performers on the debut episode NBC's American Song Contest, a new competition show that features one singer/songwriter from each state and territory in the U.S. Alisabeth absolutely slayed the live performance of her song "Wonder," but unfortunately, she was not one of the artists chosen to advance to the semi-finals. Luckily, that could change!

Alisabeth revealed on social media last Thursday (April 14th) that there is still a chance she can return to the show this season! She wrote that fans just have to "STREAM and DOWNLOAD 'Wonder' as much as possible." According to a new article from the Des Moines Register:

"Once the introductory phase of the competition ends on April 18, three additional spots will open for performers who did not move forward to make their way to the next stage of the competition. This selection will be made through a combination of viewer and jury votes."

If you want to see Alisabeth back in the competition, keep streaming her song "Wonder" on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music! Regardless of if she's voted back, we know she's a star and we're glad she's getting the attention and recognition she deserves.

Alisabeth has a busy summer ahead! She told the Des Moines Register that she plans to start touring again, plus she's going to be releasing a new album called Pink Renegade. For the latest updates on her career, you can follow her Facebook page HERE.

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