An Iowa man whose both a pastor and community activist will be joined by the head of an Iowa non-profit as guests on The Kelly Clarkson Show this week.

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Rob Johnson caught the eye of Kelly Clarkson earlier this year with something he did on his birthday, January 21. As we told you then, for the second straight year, Johnson held a birthday celebration gasoline giveaway. After giving away $3,000 in free fuel in 2021 citizens and businesses jumped on board in a huge way in 2022.

While celebrating his 35th birthday last month, Johnson intended to give away $15,000 in gasoline. However, he told the Des Moines Register that a $5,000 donation was dropped off at the event at a Des Moines Kum & Go. In the end, around 500 families ended up getting a portion of approximately $20,000 in free fuel.

Rob Johnson is a doer.

Johnson will be joined on The Kelly Clarkson show by Dwana Bradley, the Executive Director of The Des Moines Urban Experience. In addition to being one of the hosts for last month's gasoline giveaway, Bradley's organization was also responsible for last spring's Iowa Juneteenth Observance. Last week, Drake University presented her with a Valentine's Day surprise:

Johnson and Bradley will appear on The Kelly Clarkson show on Wednesday, February 22. In eastern Iowa, it airs at 9 a.m. on KCRG TV-9.

By the way, Johnson has no plans to end his birthday giveaway. He hopes to be able to pump $40,000 in free gasoline on that date next year. January 21, 2024 might be a good day to schedule a road trip to Des Moines.

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