Need a pick-me-up today? You're in the right place!

This week (July 10th), we celebrated National Kitten Day, not to be confused with National Cat Day on October 29th. We asked listeners on Facebook to send us their most adorable kitty photos, and they definitely understood the assignment! Here are some of the cutest cats and kittens here in Iowa:

Iowans Celebrate 'National Kitten Day' 2024

Gallery Credit: Courtlin

We work with several amazing Eastern Iowa animal rescues for 'Furry Friday,' including two that take in felines. Last Hope Animal Rescue in Cedar Rapids has both dogs and cats up for adoption, which you can check out HERE, but SAINT Rescue in Cedar Rapids focuses solely on cats. They currently have over 80 kitties of all ages that are up for adoption! You can see all of their adoptable friends HERE.

I absolutely love cats, but unfortunately, I'm incredibly allergic. Before the allergies really kicked in, I grew up with an orange tabby named George who was my best friend in the whole world. He was a total weirdo! He would sleep directly on my head, lick the condensation off the windows, play fetch like a dog, and we even took him on a few walks. I miss that little guy!

Do you have an adorable cat? We would love to see them! You can post a photo in the comments, or you can shoot us a message on our station app!

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