Have you ever crossed paths with a celebrity? As it turns out, a lot of us here in Iowa have!

If you missed the story from last week, Brain Baumgartner, the actor who played Kevin on 'The Office,' was in Iowa City for a show at the Iowa Memorial Union. During his time here, he went over to Bo-James for Country Night and hung out with some college kids! You can read more on the story HERE.

I can't help but get a little jealous of the Iowans who got to hang out with him last week. He seems like such a cool guy! The only random celebrity encounter I've ever had was on a plane to Texas in third grade where I got to meet wrestlers Chyna and Triple H. I don't remember much about the meeting, but I do remember that they didn't seem all that thrilled.

Have you ever had a completely unplanned celebrity encounter? We asked listeners to share their stories with us on Facebook and there were some great stories!

  • Danielle KHAK "I met Denzel Washington with my dad on a plane when I was like 3. Also, Bob James and I saw Jamie Foxx in a sunglass shop when we were in NYC."
  • Ev Julie Eschen - "On our wedding night back in 1984, we were checking into our hotel in Coralville. The next thing we knew, Alabama came walking down the stairs. My husband said, 'looks like we missed a good concert tonight.' Jeff said to us, 'looks like you had something more important to do.' (we were still in our wedding attire). Made our day!"
  • Teri Hanson "Met John Cena and the Hardy Boyz after and WWE live event at US Cellular Center. I first saw the Hardy Boyz eating at the McDonald's in Center Point. I proceeded to go to the restroom and I ran into John Cena. I could only think, oh, holy crap that is John Cena. He was very nice. Jeff Hardy was nice, but Matt seemed irritated at being recognized."
  • Ashley Apete Peterson - "We were in Las Vegas on a work trip for my husband. He loves Motley Crue. We walked into his bar and out of the corner of our eye, we see Vince Neil standing there and my husband starts freaking out. I'm like, go ask him if we can get a picture with him. Of course, he's scared to. So leave it to the woman, lol. So I did. Vince asks the gal he's with to take our picture. My husband was a giddy little school kid the rest of the week."
  • D.j. Engle - "I bumped shoulders with Kevin Durant at the MGM in Las Vegas. Well, to be honest, I bumped his rib cage considering he’s 7 feet tall and I’m 5’10. I then looked up and said, “Holy S*** it’s Kevin Durant!” and he smiled and walked away."
  • Susan Laschke-Phelps - "When Roseanne was married to Tom Arnold, they sat behind us at the Iowa Hawkeye football games. We had better seats, hee hee!"
  • Jaclyn Woodhouse Nowotny - "Keanu Reeves in 2003 out in LA. Saw his band play at the Viper room and afterwards went up to him and got his autograph 😍. Super nice guy!!"
  • Lindsey Chally - "Not quite random, but stalked Patrick Dempsey at the Iowa Speedway. No shame here, got autograph, picture, and sat in his race car."
  • Cheryl Hotz Alberhasky - "James Earl Jones at the Field of Dreams. Extremely nice guy!"
  • Leila Dauenbaugh - "I waited on Martina McBride 23 years ago at the Country Kitchen when she was first staring out her career after her concert. I asked her for her autograph for my boss who was infatuated with her. She would not give it to me. She blotted her lipstick on a napkin and I gave that to him. I guess that was her autograph. Lol!"
  • Jane Frasher - "Eric Church pet my friend's dog at a random gas station. Her mom had no idea who he was."
  • Brandon Tuttle - "In 2009, after a Keith Urban/Taylor Swift concert in Des Moines, Keith Urban's tour bus pulled up next to me and my family's vehicle at a red light. He was sitting up front in the passenger seat and rolled down his window and talked to us a while before the light turned green and he had to go."
  • Denise Goddard - "I believe it was the spring of 1993 in a hotel in Des Moines. Stepped into an elevator with another woman. I'm short but she was really petite!!!! I'm looking at her and thinking, wow, she looks a lot like Mary Lou Retton. I didn't say anything, thinking she hears that all the time. We step off the elevator and in the lobby is a huge banner - 'Welcome USA Gymnastics.'"
  • Molly Horsfield - "Was in California in 2007 and went to the Jay Leno show. Well, after we were done and driving back to family house, my father in law at the time loved old cars, so he followed a old jaguar and wanted to see it. It turned out to be Jay Leno. We followed him to where all his old cars are stored and got to talk to him and the guys got a picture with him."

Do you have a cool celebrity encounter story? Share it with us in the comments!


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